Our partnership with The Care Hub has demonstrated significant and measurable improvements across our entire recruitment process in just the first 16 weeks. It’s been an amazing success.

Phil Gould, Services Director, Standwalk Care.

Standwalk had been struggling with their recruitment and staffing requirements for years and despite various attempts to manage this in-house, their agency costs and open vacancies continued to drain their time, resources and profits.  This case study show’s how The Care Hub has transformed their in-house recruitment in just 16-weeks. 

Key results include:

  • 76% More successful placements than their previous in-house approach
  • 76% Increase in permanent working hours offered
  • 72.13% reduction in vacancies and open positions

Struggling with your permanent recruitment needs?

Learn how The Care Hub has reduced StandWalk Care’s vacancies by 72.13% in just 16 weeks.  In this case study, Standwalk will share with you:

  • How The Care Hub increased Standwalk’s working hours offered by 76%
  • What were Standwalk’s concerns about recruitment outsourcing and why they chose this path
  • How real-time management information can drive recruitment success and decision making
  • Why outsourcing produced 76% greater hiring success than their previous in-house solution

Unfortunately, most care providers have been struggling to get their permanent recruitment right for years. This has lead to false beliefs, such as:

  • We don’t pay enough
  • People are only applying for jobs to keep their benefits
  • No one wants to work in care anymore
  • The younger generation just don’t have what it takes
  • ASDA, Lidl, Tesco’s snap up all the best workers because they pay more

The only reason you can’t source, attract, hire and onboard new permanent staff is because your recruitment process is broken. The Care Hub can show you how to take control of your recruitment and find the right staff, with the right values for your business.

Download Standwalks case study now and discover what you could be doing wrong and how you can put it right.